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The Jaguar XJ Takes on High-Tech Drone in Unique Chase Challenge

By Product Expert | Posted in Jaguar Media, Jaguar XJ on Monday, March 21st, 2016 at 6:13 pm
2016 Jaguar XJ and DJI Drone Cat and Mouse Chase Video

2016 Jaguar XJ and DJI Drone ‘Cat and Mouse’ Chase Video

The exceptional performance and agility of the 2016 Jaguar XJ was on full display during a unique ‘cat and mouse’ chase challenge with a high-tech DJI drone. Check out this exciting video right here. 

High-Performance Car vs High-Tech Drone

The Jaguar XJ is driven by leading movie stunt driver Mark Higgins, while the drone is operated by one of the world’s best drone pilots, racer JaeHong Li. The incredibly precise DJI drone demonstrates autonomous flight capability for aerial platforms and poses a strong challenge to the XJ. With one eye on a future potential movie stunt sequence, Higgins and Li used the challenge to highlight how technology is developing in both the automotive and unmanned aircraft sectors.

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“Drones are becoming increasingly integrated into society and they can do some amazing things these days, so when Jaguar offered up the XJ and all its technology to go up against one of the world’s top drone pilots, I jumped at the chance. The Jaguar XJ is designed for the luxury executive market, but it is still a dynamic drive and very capable in all environments. So this was an exciting challenge to use it in. It was certainly up to the chase, and we found some fun ways to evade the drone!” – Mark Higgins, Hollywood Stunt Driver

The Jaguar XJ Takes on High-Tech Drone in Unique Chase Challenge

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Zhuhai International Circuit in China

The ‘cat and mouse’ challenge took place at the Zhuhai International Circuit in China. It saw Higgins trying to shake off the drone through an industrialized zone containing shipping containers, wide tree-lined boulevards, pit garages and an underground car park. The XJ demonstrated agility and control with effortless performance during the challenge.

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