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Expert Storm Chaser Takes Jaguar XF in Search of a Tornado

By Product Expert | Posted in Jaguar News, Jaguar XF on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 at 7:46 pm
Jaguar XF AWD Connectivity Features & "Tornado Tim" Baker

Jaguar XF AWD Connectivity Features & “Tornado Tim” Baker

Expert storm chaser “Tornado Tim” Baker, driving the high-performance Jaguar XF AWD, recently traversed through the American Midwest in search of a tornado as this year’s storm season came to a dramatic close. Utilizing the XF’s state-of-the-art connectivity features, Baker and his tornado chase team collected vital data that will used to help predict storms and limit damage. 

Tornado Chase and Jaguar XF

The tornado chase, which covered 2,000 miles of highway and farm tracks through seven U.S. states, saw the XF evade baseball-sized hailstones and drive through floods and high winds before intercepting a twister on the Iowa-Illinois border. The AWD XF found its twister when Baker intercepted a Category EF 0 (60-70 mph winds) tornado, two hours west of Chicago. The storm drenched the region, flooding roads and scattering debris, but the car coped brilliantly with the dirt roads and slippery highways. With roads blocked, Tim used the super quick, pinch and zoom in-car navigation system, with 3D and satellite mapping, to find a safe way around the twister.

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Expert Storm Chaser Takes Jaguar XF in Search of a Tornado
Vital Data from the Jaguar XF Tornado Chase
Tim Baker Inpsecting Tornado Damage During Jaguar XF Storm Chase

“Storm chasing is all about getting to the right place at the right time — and also staying out of trouble. It has been an interesting year for storms and it was great to try this car out as the season came to a close. It took us a while to track one down, but when the weather map delivered, the car did too. The navigation and in-car Wi-Fi, which allowed us to connect our multiple devices, worked brilliantly in the chase. The all-wheel-drive capability was also excellent as we travelled through rain and floods on loose gravel roads.” – “Tornado Tim” Baker, Storm Chaser

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Vital Data from the Jaguar XF Tornado Chase

During the chase, Baker met Brian Smith, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the Omaha office of the National Weather Service (NWS), which uses radar data to help scientists issue prompt, life-saving warnings to agencies and the general public. A storm chaser’s role is vital to help predict tornadoes and save lives, so the XF was the perfect mobile lab for the chase team to catch their tornado and collect vital data.

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