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Will Jaguar build a fully autonomous car?

By Product Expert | Posted in Jaguar Technology on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 at 8:55 pm
Will Jaguar build a fully autonomous car?

Autonomous vehicle technology is the wave of the future, with many automotive manufacturers as well as tech companies like Google and Apple rumored to have autonomous vehicle projects in the works. Continue reading to see what Jaguar’s plans are for building a fully autonomous car. 

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Jaguar Autonomous Vehicle Technology

A major research priority of Jaguar is autonomous vehicle technology.  The automaker is creating a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles to develop and test a wide range of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies over the next four years. Ultimately, the goal is for these technologies to enhance the driving experience as well as making driving smarter and even cleaner in the years to come.

Autonomous and connected vehicle technologies currently being tested by Jaguar include:

Advanced Highway Assist

Advanced Highway Assist enables the vehicle to overtake vehicles automatically, as well as, stay in its lane on the motorway without the driver having to touch either the steering wheel or the pedals.

Electronic Emergency Brake Light Assist

With Electronic Emergency Brake Light Assist, the driver is warned when a vehicle ahead brakes severely or unexpectedly. This is particularly useful when driving in dense fog or if the vehicle in front is out of sight.

Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory

With Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, the car connects to traffic lights advising the driver of the best driving speed required to reach the lights when they are on green. This will improve traffic flow, CO₂ emissions as well as the driver’s experience.

Roadwork Assist and Safe Pullaway

Roadwork Assist helps safely guide the driver through roadworks and tightly-spaced two-lane roadways, while Safe Pullaway detects obstructions ahead of the vehicle to prevent low-speed collisions.

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Jaguar Autonomous Vehicle Showcase at UK Autodrive

Recently at the UK Autodrive demonstrations at the HORIBA MIRA Technology Park in the Midlands of the UK, Jaguar showcased its latest connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. Also, Jaguar is working with Ford and Tata Motors European Technical Center to test connected technologies that will allow cars to talk to each other as well as the roadside infrastructure. As far as if and when Jaguar will create a completely autonomous car in the future, there’s been no official confirmation from the English automaker.

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