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What is Jaguar F-PACE Intelligent Driveline Dynamics2 AWD Technology?

By Product Expert | Posted in Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar Technology on Thursday, January 5th, 2017 at 5:38 pm
White 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Side Exterior on Dirt Road

How Does Jaguar F-PACE Torque-on-Demand All-Wheel Drive Work?

A perfect combination of signature Jaguar-brand style, luxury and performance, the all-new 2017 Jaguar F-PACE takes the luxury crossover platform to a new level. With sports car DNA infused into a capable and athletic crossover design, the Jaguar F-PACE stands head and shoulders above the competition. Elements that promise to upgrade performance include a Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive system and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics2 technology. Many car shoppers at Barrett Jaguar want to know — how does Jaguar F-PACE Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive work and how will it improve your drive? Get details below.

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Jaguar F-PACE Torque-on-Demand All-Wheel Drive Specs and Features

When you get behind the wheel of a Jaguar, you can expect unrivaled performance at every turn. Jaguar F-PACE models promise to deliver on this promise and an innovative Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive system is a key component. With the capability to function as standard rear-wheel drive in normal conditions, the Jaguar F-PACE powertrain will send all torque to the rear wheels to deliver explosive performance traits and will automatically transfer torque to all four corners when faced with extreme conditions.

In situations that require all-wheel drive, Jaguar Intelligent Driveline Dynamics2 technology integrated into the transfer case will monitor yaw rate, lateral acceleration, steering wheel angle and traction. When additional traction is needed, the dynamic all-wheel drive system will transfer torque to the front wheels in 165 milliseconds, to create a 50:50 torque split. Jaguar Drive Control and Dynamic Stability Control work in tandem with the all-wheel drive system to deliver peerless performance and avoid oversteer.

Blue 2017 Jaguar F-PACE on the track at Goodwood Speed Festival
2017 Jaguar F-PACE Luxury Front Seat Interior

Jaguar F-PACE Adaptive Surface Response Technology and Features

Jaguar Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive is not the only element that promises to upgrade your driving experience. Jaguar Adaptive Surface Response technology will automatically optimize performance in a variety of road and weather conditions. With the ability to manage throttle maps, transmission shift points and Dynamic Stability Control, Adaptive Surface Response will maximize traction with three drive modes — Snow and Ice, Wet Tarmac and Gravel or Deep Snow and Deep Gravel.

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Are you on the prowl for a dynamic, athletic and performance-tuned luxury SUV? Look no further than the 2017 Jaguar F-PACE with Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive. Armed with a better understanding of how Jaguar F-PACE Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive works and an overview of Intelligent Driveline Dynamics2 technology, you can get behind the wheel of the Jaguar F-PACE and enjoy peerless performance. Visit the Barrett Jaguar inventory today to find the car of your dreams.

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